A Letter to my Great God

Dear God,

I’ve been staring at this blank page for a good fifteen minutes, trying to think of a BIG WORD worthy and appropriate enough to express my utmost gratitude to You. The thing is, You already know what’s exactly inside the core of my heart. You know exactly my thoughts and feelings even before I begin to say it out loud. For this reason alone, I am incredibly in awe of Your greatness.

You have filled my life with countless blessings, but in this very moment, I want to thank You for blessing me and my husband with a beautiful wedding two weeks ago. It is a day that we will look back to with immense joy many years from now. A day that is filled with warm hugs, smiles, laughter, and so much love from our families and loved ones. Every little thing that transpired on that day made my heart unbelievably happy. So much that I want to bottle up every little bit of memory from that beautiful day. Thank You for making our wedding day an ultimate testament that You are truly a God of answered prayers.

About three years ago, getting married seemed to be the most unlikely thing that could happen to me. As for Erick, he was broken and was dealing with complicated problems of his own. But You turned things around for us. You turned our lives around. You showed us that all the struggles and pain that we had to go through in the past is in fact leading us to Your grand plan for us. Thank You for holding my hand ever so tightly. Thank You for doing everything for me to keep my faith in You. It was all worth it.

Our wedding planning journey was not a walk in the park. We were faced with challenges in searching for suppliers, scheduling, decision making, finances, church requirements, differences in opinions/preferences, and many other things. All of those we were able to overcome because You have been with us every step of the way. One important lesson that I’ve learned is to pray, pray, and PRAY for every decision that has to be made for the wedding. We are certain that You have given Your seal of approval to all the suppliers we booked because all of them performed well beyond our expectations. And for this, we are very grateful. You even took care of the small details that made our wedding perfect in every way. I can’t find the words to accurately describe the extent of Your love and generosity.

Thank You for blessing me with so much more than what I could have ever imagined, and so much more than what I could ever deserve. I pray, Lord, that you’d use me and my husband according to Your will and purpose. Use us as instruments in proclaiming Your love and greatness that we may bring back the glory and honor unto You.


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